Professional PR photographer Jason Mitchell can help to maximise the success of any PR campaign. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the worldwide media, Jason can ensure that your photographs hit the right desks at the right time – every time.

Jason Mitchell PR Photography
Jason Mitchell PR Photography London
In business do you need to enhance customers’ perception of your brand? Jason will create exciting, bespoke images that show only the best side of what you do.

Jason offers an extensive range of photographic services – please visit the portfolio section to view recent examples:

* Editorial 
* PR photography
* Business headshots
* Award ceremonies
* Corporate events
* Company reports
* Conferences
* Interiors/Exteriors 
* Company brochures
* In-house business functions
* Trade shows
* Press - news, sport and celebrity 
* Celebrity e
* Products
* Food
Based on the Essex/Suffolk border, Jason is perfectly-placed to manage the photography needs of clients across the entire South East of England.
With a fully equipped London studio, formal corporate headshots can be taken. Jason can also bring his photo studio to your premises.

Images are provided media-ready and are available via email, disc or secure client gallery.
Please telephone Jason on 07794 378575 to book your next photographic event.