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Updated: May 14

I was recently commisoned by Hilton Hotels to shoot their Long Service Awards held in Brighton. Oh what a night, the thme of the evening was from the film The Greatest Showman. The main hall was conveted into a big top and with fire eaters, jugglers and stilt walkers the scene was set for a great night.

Event photography is what I do and events like this see me in my element. I shoot awards presentation events all over teh country for a variety of clients. During the evening I met so many great people adn everybody was so happy to be photographed. The awards took place on the stage and I was there to capture all of the emotion of winning one of these awards. The joy was there for all to see.

During and after the awards there was fun and games as other rooms had us all transported to Brighton Pier,,dodgem cars were my favorite and gave me some great photographs. Here is a very small selection of some the the iamges I shot that night.

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